Vintage bear

By Cynthia Darmanin
Size: 4½″ , handmade, one of a kind
Category: Bears

Little vintage bear with a well-loved look is made from German viscose and has German glass eyes. He is firmly stuffed with wood shavings and mineral pellets. His head and legs are split-pin jointed while the arms are string-jointed. Little teddy wears a vintage-look key around his neck. Created from a pattern by Kristina Shabliy. Will be happy to answer any questions.

(Malta United States)
Price: EUR 45.00   (approx. USD 44.24 )

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Review by Leslie K.
United Kingdom, on Jun 16, 2022

Lovely little bear, nice expression, well made, with a cute bow. I am so pleased with her. Thank you, Leslie❤️

Thanks so much Leslie!💕
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Leslie K.
United Kingdom, on May 10, 2022

Dear little brown teddy with a little ruffle round his neck. He sits with the other little teddy I bought from this site. They are both beautifully made, not too stiff, and quite pose-able!

See the photo! Hugs, Leslie

Thanks so much, dear Leslie! 🥰 They look cute together!☺
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Leslie K.
United Kingdom, on May 10, 2022

Lovely little bear. She comes in her own suitcase. Beautifully made and a wonderful addition to my collection. Thank you Cynthia, kind regards, Leslie

Glad you're happy with her, Leslie. Thanks very much for the great reviews.💕
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Silja B.
United States, on Feb 12, 2022

Love this little guy...thank you...

Ah, he arrived! Very good. Thank you for the nice review. He was one of my favourites, and I'll miss him, but I know he's in good hands. 🥰
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Ursula R.
Germany, on Jan 11, 2022

I love this little bear. She is so cuddly, a handful of cuteness...
The artist Cynthia is very nice, she really cares about her sweet creations.

Thanks so much Ursula. So glad you're happy with your new baby bear.💕
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Dec 10, 2021

A sweet little bear beautifully crafted

Review by Jill H.
United Kingdom, on Nov 16, 2021
Review by Claudia S.
Austria, on Nov 5, 2020

Stunning art piece! This teddydoll is wonderful, total irresistible!

I am thrilled!

Thanks a lot, Cynthia!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, dear Claudia. You are a great customer and it was very nice to interact with you. Hope the teddydoll will add a little happiness in your life. Best wishes always.?
Cynthia Darmanin
Review by Sajendra L.
United States, on Mar 23, 2020

I love this teddy bear! He is charming, and well made. Great experience with this artist, as she kept me informed of teddy's journey to the U.S. Thank you!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review dear Sajendra. Truly appreciated. ❤ Take care. Cynthia
Cynthia Darmanin

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